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Survey on Finds Scariest Halloween Flicks - From Ezine

Camping is a thing of the past for many Blair Witch believers, survey finds.
If you like your Halloween scary - really scary - a recent survey by can tell you just the movie to make you sweat.

"Urban Legend" tops the list for the movie with the biggest scare factor, and Freddy Krueger of "Nightmare on Elm Street" is the most likely to show up in people nightmares. The good news is there may be plenty of open campgrounds in the national parks this fall, with 24 percent of survey respondents saying their camping days are over after seeing "The Blair Witch Project."

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Which recent horror movie put the biggest scare in you?

"Urban Legend"
"Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later"
"Scream 2"
"I Know What You Did Last Summer"
"An American Werewolf in Paris"
"The Prophecy II"
"Species II"
"Carnival of Souls"

Which scary movie character is most likely to give you nightmares?
Freddy Krueger -- "Nightmare on Elm Street"
Michael Meyers - "Halloween"
Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair) -- "The Exorcist"
Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) -- "Silence of the Lambs"
Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) - "The Shining"
Jason - "Friday the 13th" movies
Charles Lee Ray/Voice of Chuckie (Brad Dourif) - "Child's Play"
The alien - "Alien" movies
The shark - "Jaws" movies
Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) - "Fatal Attraction"

What activities are you least likely to do since you saw a movie?
Camping after "The Blair Witch Project"
Say "Candyman" three times after "Candyman"
Swim in the ocean after "Jaws"
Be a camp counselor since "Friday the 13th"
Walk in a cornfield since seeing "Children of the Corn"
Answer the telephone when I'm alone after "Scream"
Walk into an empty room alone after "Sixth Sense"
Watch white noise on the television after "Poltergeist"
Take a shower behind a shower curtain after "Psycho"
Let my kids stay home alone after seeing "Eye for an Eye"


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