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Kid Sites

Updated August 20, 2001

Sites for kids and the kid at heart.


Absolutely Halloween - Games andparty tips.

Alphabet Soup Halloween Page - Loaded with games, crafts, tips and more.

Billy Bear's Halloween Playground - Tons of great activities and games.

Boo Hoo? - A children's book site with lots of halloween links for children.

Children's Halloween Safety - A general safety page

Goosebumps - Great stories for the kids.

Halloween Humor - Nuff said

Kids Domain - Great craft ideas.

Moon Lit Road - Great ghost stories for the not "too" young

Scooby Doo on Cartoon Network - Excellent flash games and lots of Scooby fun! by Hershey's - A wonderful website with screen savers, jokes, party ideas and more.

Virtual Haunted House - This is on the site but I like it so much I wouldn't want you to miss it. Requires the Flash plug-in.




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