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News and links to the "Undead"

Updated August 21, 2001


Vampires Unite!

There's an injustice to all of you vampires out there. It seems when the time comes for you to be aren't.

The Census Bureau refuses to count the number of vampires in the United States.

Joel Martin of the Vampire Research Center is lobbying the bureau to include a "monster" category in next year's census. According to Martin's records, there are at least 500 vampires residing in the U.S. Most of these vampires live in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami. But Joel also feels many others are falling through the cracks because they live in rural areas.


Do you think you're a Vampire?

Here's a sampling of a questionaire from the VPR (Vampire Research Center in New York)


Are you a nocturnal person and dislike daylight?

Are you a loner and tend to be secretive?

Do you naturally look younger than you are?

Are you supermodel thin and pale?

Do you have elongated canine teeth?

Do you have the need to drink blood-anywhere from two drops to a couple of ounces daily (which usually comes from a cooperative giver)?

Do you have legal access to blood via a job at a hospital or a blood bank?

Do you have a strong interest in vampirology?

Do you have a voracious appetite for rare meat and an aversion to garlic?

Do you almost always dress in black?


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