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I was caught by the Halloween bug at a very early age. I would set up the living room every halloween and try to scare anyone that came trick-or-treating. I guess my first real haunted house was created in 1980 (has it been that long?) with my friends. We set up an area at our local church and charged admission (.25 cents). The spook house was really small but it's success led us to create the Fright Factory which ran from 1984 -1995. The Fright Factory had it's high and low points. Try holding a haunted house in Northern California 4 days after the 1989 earthquake. It wasn't fun.

After Fright Factory, I wanted to do something in the Halloween spirit. I launched Club Haunt in May, 1998. I wanted to put together a web site that you can use as a launch pad to find really cool Halloween and Horror sites on the web. But I also wanted to add my own horror and Halloween information. Club Haunt has grown over time to include some great stuff. I hope you enjoy the site.

And now for some shameless promotion.

I graduated from San Francisco State University in 1991 with a BA in Broadcast Communications. I have worked for several television stations and production companies over the years as a graphic designer and film/video production guy. I moved to Southern California for a couple of years and worked in the film industry as a model maker/production coordinator. Some of the films I worked on were Face/Off, The X-Files Movie, End of Days and Pitch Black. I now live back in the heart of Silicon Valley working as a web graphic designer creating marketing support pages for e-commerce clients. Some of the clients have included Hewlett Packard, Team On and VitalLink. If your interested in my full resume go to

If you have a really cool site that you would like to add to the Club Haunt list, please email me with the address and I'll check it out. One thing I'm looking for are Halloween events that are held all over the world. Let me know about them and I'll post them on Club Haunt.

If you would like to exchange banners just add my banner to your site and send me your banner by emailing me.

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