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A Couple of Party Tips

Give your punch a "hand"

A great way to make your punch a little more interesting is by adding "frozen hands". Use rubber gloves (if they are the type with powder in them, turn them inside out and soak them until they are free of powder) with punch or juice poured into them.Tie the end so they don't leak and place them flat on paper towels and in a cookie pan into the freezer. Don't over fill the glove so the fingers are too stiff. After frozen remove the rubber gloves with scissors and float them in your bowl of punch. Try grape punch in the bowl and orange punch in the hands or vice versa. Experiment with different flavors of punch to come up with a spooky color combination.

Having a Halloween Party? Theme it!

If the adults want to have a Halloween party, a great way is to theme the party. I myself had a sci-fi theme a couple of years ago after the release of the Special Edition Star Wars Triology. I had prizes for people that dressed the part and a costume contest at the end of the night. Here are some other themes:

Pirates - Black Beard, Disney's Pirates, etc. Have lots of chocolate coins for your candy.
Vampires - From Bela to Nosferatu, choose an undead to suit you. Lots of garlic, crosses and maybe have someone dress as a priest.
Super Heros - Batman & Robin, Superman & Lois Lane, Spider-Man and Mary Jane, etc.
Party of the Century - Have guests choose a particular decade to dress (circle skirts for the fifties, bell bottoms for the sixties, etc).

The Pumpkin Vase

Here's an interesting way to turn that plain old decorative pumpkin into work of floral art.
You will need:

• A meduim or large pumpkin spoon

• Carving tool (like the one from pumpkin masters)

• A container that will fit completely inside your pumpkin vase

• Fresh or dry flowers

Clean out your pumpkin and prepare your container so that it fits into the pumpkin completely. Add fresh flowers or make a Fall theme with dry flowers and leaves. The pumpkin should last around 4-5 days so don't make it on October 1st if you want it for Halloween. You can even carve a cool design using small chisels or your lemon zest tool to peel off just the top orange skin of
the pumpkin.

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